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Barbara McEwan Gulliver

I will remember there is art to medicine as well as science

"I will remember there is art to medicine as well as science"
- Hippocratic Oath: Lasagna Version: 1968

This presentation will explore the role of socially engaged visual art practice in arts, mental health, resilience and well-being in the context of the work of Art in Hospital in Glasgow and across Scotland.

"There is a strong body of evidence now to endorse the fact that an artists’ role can be critical in the overall care of patients"
- Prof. Sir Kenneth Calman

What does this mean in the context of this conference?

It is about the two fundamental disciplines of art and medicine, working together to improve patient care, patient outcome, and to effect individuals mental health, resilience and wellbeing.

Art in Hospital enables patients to develop their own creativity through participation in a contemporary visual arts programme in hospitals, care homes and the community, creating strong links between medicine, treatment, care, environment and artistic practice to improve mental health, resilience & well-being, patient care and patient outcome.

The symbiotic relationship between the artist and doctor is fundamental to the success of the model of best practice that has been developed.

Art in Hospital, a person centred, integrated approach and 
a permanent presence across NHSGGC which brings the visual arts into the context of health and medicine placing the artist and their practice, the patient and their context at the core of its contemporary visual art programme.

This approach is illustrated by reference to three case studies:

  1. In medicine for older people
    "I need to get back to my painting, I've got 88 years to catch up on" - Helen Scott
  2. Acute Medicine
    "Dialysis is something that happens now while making art" - Leanne
  3. The Creative Space
    "Creating a space for critical thinking , debate, risk and experimentation" - Prof Dominiczak

It is about validating the importance of creative expression of people who living with long term health conditions.

It is based on the assumption that art is about values, beliefs, Identity, expression and communication and as such should be the fundamental right of every individual regardless of whether they are in hospital or not.”

Barbara McEwan GulliverBarbara McEwan Gulliver

Artistic Director & Founder: Art in Hospital

Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine, University of Glasgow.

Established Art in Hospital in 1991 as a centre for best practice in visual art and medicine which places the artist and their practice, the patient and their context at the core of its contemporary visual art programme in hospitals and care homes across NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

As Artistic Director, is responsible for the artistic and strategic development of Art in Hospital within a national and international conference.

In addition, has contributed to the visual arts in medicine and health in Scotland and Europe through artist collaborations, research, publications, seminars & conferences.