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Workshop 2: Me Myself and I

Facilitated by Matthew Bede Murphy and Catherine Peattie

Conducted in the DADAA studio over two days this printmaking workshop explores the evolution of the self.

Self Portrait as visual diary - Overview

Each student will create a library of visual of marks, images and personal icons that represent their own take on memory, history and identity. These images will be transformed and collaged through a series of steps that will result in a mono print.

Day 1 - Opening remarks, project overview, examples self portraits, figures as mind maps.

Step 1
Brain storm- students draw images that are representative of personal ideas and will be used as an encyclopaedia of content for projects thru the session.
Step 2
Large scale body portrait. Students will collaborate to trace life size body outlines using chalk. This outline will be the vessel that all the objects and from there brain storm. Free flowing connections between eyes and finger nails and clothes paired with personal artefacts from the "personal encyclopaedia"

Day 2 - Mono print exercise

Step 1
Using the a set paper size and a host of cardboard, buttons, fabric and glue students will collage a smaller version of the "body vessel".
Step 2
Mono print exercise would involve press operation and presentation.
Step 3
Group discussion and review