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Prof Bernie Warren

Bernie-WarrenBernie Warren Ph.D., is a Professor of Drama in Education and Community at the University of Windsor. Prior to his current position he taught drama and dance in schools in the UK and Ireland and held positions teaching courses in acting, movement & voice, developmental drama and drama therapy at various Universities and colleges around the world.

In addition to his training and expertise in the performing arts and psychology, Dr. Warren has studied Eastern healing and Martial Arts for nearly 40 years, ten years of which were as an indoor student of a direct lineage Chinese master. He continues to teach Qigong and Tai Chi to a wide variety of groups including the Windsor-Essex Cardiac-Rehab Program and The Hospice of Windsor.

He is an internationally respected researcher and teacher on the role of the arts in healthcare and education and the author of numerous books and articles including Using the Creative Arts in Therapy and Healthcare and, with Caroline Simonds, The Clown Doctor Chronicles.

In 2001 he was the recipient of the University of Windsor's Alumni Award for Distinguished Contributions to University Teaching and in 2009 the recipient of the University of Windsor's Outstanding Faculty Research Award (Established Scholars/Researchers). He has been included in Canadian Who's Who since 1994.

In addition to his University position Bernie is also the Founder of FOOLS FOR HEALTH and regularly works in hospitals and healthcare facilities as Dr. Haven't-a-Clue.

Memories of a smile: Twenty-five years of clowns promoting good health and wellbeing across the lifespan in hospitals and residential care facilities.

This presentation will describe the work of clowns in hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. It will describe how clowns promote good health and share observations about the benefits and best practice gained from research conducted in Australia and Canada.

Workshop with Dr Peter Spitzer: Smiles are everywhere: introducing clown-play and humour into your practiceThis workshop will introduce participants to clown-plays and shown how to integrate these skills into their professional work. Emphasis throughout will be on developing transportable play, humour and clown skills that may be used in a variety of health-care, educational and community settings.

Workshop:Don’t Forget to Breathe and Smile: Breathing Exercises as Warm-ups for Art Activities in Healthcare SettingsThis workshop will present some simple breathing exercises and activities that not only help individuals prepare for creative endeavors but also if done regularly can help reduce stress and prevent many illnesses.