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Arts and Health Australia


Arts and Health Australia (AHA) is a national advocacy and networking organisation, founded by Margret Meagher, following her engagement with similar organisations in the UK and the US, from the year 2000.

With the establishment of The Australian Centre for Arts and Health (ACAH) in 2014 as a national peak body for the arts and health and creative ageing fields - after two years in development - much of the work previously undertaken by AHA is being transferred to ACAH. This includes arts and health and creative ageing events, programs and research; education and training; resource development; consultancy work and strategic planning.

ACAH has a national board of directors and has attained DGR status.

The long establishing advisory committee continues to support ACAH in its vision and work.

ACAH is also building its international networks, established by AHA.

AHA is increasingly focused on small scale arts and health projects, such as the Hello Koalas Sculpture Project.

The website will be redeveloped to reflect these changes and will maintain the url www.artsandhealth.org