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Saturday 7 November - 9 Monday November 2009

Artists in Healthcare
Pre-conference Training Program

Saturday 7 November to Monday 9 November, 9am - 4pm

Strictly limited to 15 musicians and 15 visual artists

Dr Cheryl Dileo and Dr. Joke BradtPresented by Dr Cheryl Dileo, PhD, MT-BC, Professor of Music Therapy and Director, Arts and Quality of Life Research Center and Dr. Joke Bradt, PhD, MT-BC, LCAT, Assistant Director, Arts and Quality of Life Research Center.

The conference has secured the Australian exclusive to this outstanding professional development workshop for musicians and visual artists. It is an extremely rare opportunity, because, despite the high demand for musicians and artists in healthcare and community settings, there is limited introductory competency-based training available. This program, created by the Arts and Quality of Life Research Center, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA is believed to be a world first.

This 3-day course will provide musicians and visual artists with key information and skills to assist in preparing for work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The course will be structured to include: lecture, role playing, video examples, demonstrations, and hands-on training in music or visual arts media, along with the development of arts projects suitable for healthcare environments.

Participants will receive a comprehensive Arts in Healthcare Manual during the training program and an evaluation of their skills at the end of the course.

Topics addressed in the training will include:

Delve into the vast knowledge bank of two eminent educators in the field of arts and health in this highly personalised course.

Register for the pre-conference training program (7 - 9 November 2009) by filling in the Conference Registration Form

Artists in Healthcare Training Program (3 days): $745 (incl GST)

Please note: The full conference program (10 - 13 November 2009) includes the keynote address by Dr Dileo and Dr Bradt on the topic "Research in the Arts and Healthcare Meta-Analysis Results and an Agenda for Future Research" at the conference on 12 November.

In this session, Dr Dileo and Dr Bradt will discuss the seven reviews co-authored on music and its effectiveness in healthcare for the Cochrane Library, a global research network producing evidence to improve decision-making in healthcare.

These ongoing studies cover:

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