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Adriane Boag Adriane Boag

Adriane is a Program Coordinator at the National Gallery of Australia with responsibility for developing and delivering access programs for youth and community groups. Adriane has a Visual Arts degree with Honours in Painting and Sculpture from Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney Australia. Adriane has over twenty years teaching experience in tertiary and museum visual art education.

Adriane coordinates regular tours for a wide variety of specialised audiences including people living with dementia and is the facilitator of the Art and Alzheimer's' Program at the National Gallery of Australia. In 2009, support from the Department of Health & Ageing made possible the development and delivery of the Art and Alzheimer's Outreach Program. The Outreach Program's aims and objectives support sustainable regionally specific programs in galleries for people living with Dementia.

Art and Dementia Communication Workshop

Based on the Art and Alzheimer’s program at the National Gallery of Australia, this workshop will provide practical exercises and discussion to assist participants to maximise the abilities of people with dementia. Participants will be introduced to the idea of communication flow; how listening and observing from others assists engagement, how positive and inclusive language encourages participation and how physicality supports communication.